Personalized Bubble Letters Pendant Necklace
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Each Letter Represents The Meaning

A - Accept
"There Are No Perfect People In The World." Remember, If You Love Him, You Must Accept Everything And Even Its Shortcomings.
B - Believe
Do Not Trust Each Other, Often Interrogate Each Other In A Skeptical Tone, This Kind Of Mutual Guessing Love Is Only To Break Up.
C - Care
The Degree Of Concern Just Shows How Much You Value The Other Party, Or Give A Call To The Other Person To Greet One Another: Is The Work Hard?
D - Digest
We Are Not Saints. There Are Always Emotional Ups And Downs. If The Other Party Is "convex", Why Don't You Do "concave" To Endure Him And Comfort Him?
E - Enjoy
You Should Appreciate Everything About Each Other And Appreciate The Happiness And Happiness That This Love Brings To You. In This Way, You Will Love More Happily, Don't Know How To Blame, Pick Bones In The Egg.
F - Free
Even If Married, The Other Party Should Be Given The Right To Be Free And To Keep Secrets. Your Other Half Is Not Your Lifelong Slave. Don't Let Him Think That Marrying You Is Equal To Being Trapped In A Cage.
G - Give
Love Is Not Necessarily Something That You Pay "one", You Will Take Back "one. But If You Don't Pay, You Will Not Gain. For Your Lover, You Should Pay As You Are, Without Reservation, This Is Really True Love."
H - Heart
The Most Important Prop Of Love Is The Heart. You Must Treat It With Sincerity And Love With Your Heart. Without Heart, How Can We Call True Love?
I - Independence
Sweet Words Will Say: "i Am Born For You." In Fact, Everyone Has Their Own Meaning Of Existence, Should Not Rely Too Much On The Other Side, Become The Burden Of Life, Even Cumbersome.
J - Jealousy
Appropriate Jealousy, Jealous Can Show That You Attach Importance To Each Other, But Remember That It Is Reasonable And Jealous; On The Contrary, Unreasonable, Jealous And Jealous, Will Be Offensive.
K - Kiss
A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Gentle Kiss Can Represent You To Cherish Him, Love Him, So Please Don't Lick Your Red Lips.
L - Love
It Is Said To Be Love, How Can There Be Love Without Love? Love Is Different From Love, Love One Person, You Must Be Willing To Do Anything For Him, This Is The Highest State. When You Are Free, You May Wish To Say "i Love You" To The Other Party To Guarantee A Sweeter Than Any Gift.
M - Mature
Why The First Love Of The Average Person Will Always Be Defeated Silently, Because Young People Are More In Love. Moreover, No One Will Like The Other Person To Jump And Jump For Years. When People Are Mature, Your Love Will Mature A Little Until The Flowering Results.
N - Natural
Many People Hide All The Shortcomings And Become Another Person When They First Shoot. After A Long Time, The Shortcomings Appear In A Glance, Making The Other Party Unable To Eat. In Fact, It Is Not Artificial, Love Flowing In Nature Is A Long Stream Of Water.
O - Observe
I Often Carefully Observe The Preferences Of My Lover, Not Only Can I Understand Each Other Better, But Also Surprise Him. That Mind Must Be More Precious Than A Gift.
P - Protect
To Be A Boyfriend, Of Course, To Protect Your Girlfriend, But To Be A Girlfriend Must Also Protect The Dignity Of The Other Party, Should Not Allow Others To Hurt, Insult Your Other Half.
Q - Quarter
Leniency Is The Basic Trick. For The Mistakes Of Your Lover, You Should Forgive Him With A Generous Attitude, Because You Are The One Who Loves Him The Most.
R - Receive
For The Lover To Do For You, Please Do Not Act Indifferently, Make Him Discouraged. He Pays, And You Should Accept It With Appreciation. This Will Make The Relationship Go Further.
S - Share
If You Love Him, You Will Be Able To Share His Joys And Sorrows With Him. This Is The Simplest Responsibility Of Being A Partner.
T - Tender
Lovers Must Of Course Love Tenderly, Because Men And Women Lack Tenderness And Are Not Cute.
U - Understand
I Don't Understand The Other Person's Thoughts, The Other Person Talks To You, You Will Always Be Alone, It Is A Lack Of Communication. Stand On The Other Side's Position And Think More Carefully, You Will Definitely Know Your Other Half Better.
V - Veracity
For Love, You Must Be A Hundred Times Honest, And You Don't Want Your Other Half To Be A "big Talk"! How Can The Feelings Of Cheating Each Other Often Last Forever?
W - Wait
Wait Is The Basic Element Of Maintaining A Relationship. The Most Important Thing Is That You Want To Be With Him.
X - "X"
By Multiplying Your Love For Him Every Day, Love Naturally Becomes Infinite, And Love Can't Go Away.
Y - Yearn
When You Are Not Working Together, You May Wish To Miss Each Other More Often, Or Call Or Call Him To Say: I Miss You Very Much. It Will Make The Other Party Sweeter And Work Harder.
Z - Zest
Appropriate Enthusiasm Can Add A Lot Of Fun, But Don't Be Overly Enthusiastic.

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