Couleur - Rectangle Photo Necklace Silver
Price:  $32.95 USD
Thickness: 1.2mm
Measures: R = 25mm / 1.33 "
The Picture necklace is this year's most popular piece of jewelry. These will be the most special and perfect gifts.

*** Photo advice ***

First, choose one of your photos to upload to our website. You can use any image. It can be an image of people, a photo of an animal, beautiful landscapes or memorable things. (Please use good quality photos)
If you cannot download the image, please use another browser or computer to visit our website and download it again.

*** Back-Registration ***

Then choose the style of your necklace. You can engrave text on the back of the necklace. it can be who's birthday, name or a few words.
Suggest words:
I love you forever ♥
My key to happiness
My father, my super hero
My happy family

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About 2-5 business days. 

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