Mini popcorn machine
Price:  $35.00 USD
Out of all the numerous things people disagree on, one thing that is generally acceptable is that popcorn and movies go together.And not just movies, popcorn is the ultimate companion. Now, wouldn’t it be a shame not have to be able to make it anytime you want, using the best device you can possible find?
MINI Electric Popcorn Maker is just what you need!

 This household device is a corn popper that can have the best popcorn in your bowl in record time. So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you should order for yours day? Below are some unique features of the MINI Electric Popcorn Maker.

Unique Air Duct Design; fast uniform heat conduction prevents corn from leaking to the bottom
Easy To Clean; It has a non-stick pan liner to avoid the sticky corn in the interior.
It is simple to operate; just one key
It takes just few minutes; get your popcorn after few minutes!
Transparent cover helps you to see the process
Smooth appearance, no impurities, no smell.
All these guarantees the best popcorn experience.

This machine is suitable for home, bar, coffee shop and karaoke bars. Did I mention that this hot air popcorn making machine is an idea DIY corn popper children gift? It is safe even around children. It should help for you to note that you could have the MINI Electric popcorn maker in your space at very affordable price. And we also offer one-year warranty for our products.

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